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Vocals, Bicyles,

Alamo Basement Tours

PeeWiddy likes bicycles, carnivals, bow ties and TRYING TO USE THE PHONE! His dislikes, for unknown reasons, are cops, laws, jail, mugshots and tabloids. PeeWiddy values friendship above all else and often makes friends for life, whether it be the mailman or a talking chair. He can often be spotted out late at night, wearing a hoodie and dark glasses, supporting the local

cinema industry.


Vocals, Cowbell, Crane Kicks

Johnny likes Dojos, sweeping the leg and wearing pajamas in public. His dislikes include emotions, kindness and the number 2. He moonlights as a morgue intern where his favorite job is putting cadavers into body bags. Johnny suffers from night terrors and often awakens mumbling something about an illegal kick. He often wonders if his life would have been different if he had learned how to paint fences and wax cars.

Johnny Promo.png
Kelly Profile Pic Large.png


Vocals, Optimism

StarBrite enjoys cake decorating, sewing, and bird watching. But don't let the glitter and rainbows fool you. After morning yoga, she does tune-ups down at Joe's Garage. And if she hasn't been called away to fight a forest fire, you can find her scrapbooking into the wee hours of the night. She's proficient with a crochet needle, glue gun, and torque wrench...oh, and a microphone!

Dr Evllhands_edited.png

Dr. Evilhands

Keys, Vocals, Cat Grooming

Introducing an unprecedented level of EVIL that has never been seen before...he's cantankerous, he's fidgety, he's greedy.  He hates children (including his son whom he really is trying to kill), dogs, sunshine, picnics, and insufferable do-gooders. The man with one...MILLION...reasons to be terrified of...FRICKIN DR EVILHANDS!


Vocals, Zoolingualism

For the honor of Grayskull!

Hailing from the planet Eternia,

She-Ra-Rah fights evil with her magic sword, talking unicorn, and powerful vocal chords! She enjoys CrossFit, shopping for boots, writing, social media posting her 12 annual exotic vacations, and flipping houses- literally!  

She-Ra 2_edited.png


Bass, Monster Jams

TeamWolf likes walks in the park, full moons, chasing cars and playing frisbee...oh, and I guess basketball. He enjoys hanging out in East Nashville where he blends in much more easily. Unconfirmed rumors link him to a series of crimes in the area, including the desecration of dozens of shoes (including but not limited to Nike) and fire hydrants. 

Team Wolf Still copy.png


Guitars, Vocals, Auto Detailing

Bill likes car washes, vacuums and the smell of new tires. He dislikes rust, potholes and faulty ignition wires. He dreamed of racing Bristol one day, until an Uber incident left him with a one star rating. After a painful breakup with a particularly flirtatious Camry, he fell in with a bad crowd of Jeeps, hanging out at local bars, drowning his sorrows with a bottle of Pennzoil.


Drums, Plumbing, Monkey Business 

Super Stario's hobbies include running, parkour, plumbing and smashing barrels. He's even been known to rescue a princess from time to time. He unfortunately spent years obsessed with an elusive and obnoxious monkey. Then after a particularly trippy mushroom incident, he decided to seek a new direction in life. That's when he picked up a pair of drumsticks. And shortly after finishing the chicken, he became a vegetarian and joined a band.



Keyboards, Vocals, Ninja

Leonardo grew up in the sewers, where he enjoyed pizza, hip catch phrases and jujitsu. After losing a big toe to a hungry shark in a surfing accident, his jujitsu days were over. But that's when his music career took off. Leo's only missed one gig ever, and that's because he accidentally rolled onto his back and spent three days waiting for someone to  roll him over.


Guitars, Vocals, Peacekeeping

RoboChop's interests include circuit boards, hydraulic mechanisms, high tech weaponry and all you can eat buffets. His ongoing mission is to protect the citizens of Earth, not only from dangers on the street, but also from the monotony of lame music. His life slogan is: "Rock Hard." ...We assume (hope) he is referring to music.

Robo Still_edited.jpg
RG Barf.jpg


Bass, Milkbones

Barf is a good boy. He enjoys tennis, playing dead and sticks. He dislikes cats, veterinarians and the mailman. His musical influences include such artists as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dog and Three Dog Night. Although "Barf" is on his birth certificate, he also answers to "Fetch!", "Go for a ride??", and "Who Wants a Treat!?" His last bath was over 17 months ago,...and he's still pissed about it. 


Guitars, Mojo, Shagging


 Estranged cousin of the infamous swinging secret agent, Boston moved stateside in the 70s. He brought with him the cheeky Powers' brand of shaggadelic style and an odd fascination for Fat B@st@rds. He surprisingly opted to pick up a guitar instead of going into the family's spy business. He enjoys tea & crumpets, disco, and an occasional game of cricket. His goal is to open a retro decor shop, if he can ever pay off his bloody dentist bill. 

Fun Fact: he's been pulled over 71 times for driving on the wrong side of the road!

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